Octopus Pro

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Octopus Pro a combination of Smartphone Tripod and Bluetooth Remote Shutter in one package. Now you can have your very own portable studio indoor or outdoor. Take your own stunning photos with the Octopus Pro to create catchy photos for your online stores, blogs and websites without hard time creating excellent results!

Octopus Pro Includes:

- Smartphone Flexi Tripod
- Bluetooth Remote Shutter

How to Use:

1. Set up Instant Home Photo Studio, Add your Rotating Display Stand
2. Set up your Octopus Pro 
3. Snap photos with our Bluetooth Remote Shutter.  

  • 1: Turn on the remote control switch, and the blue light flashing. 
    2: Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, search for the new devices, and then connection. 
    3: After pairing and connecting, open the camera on the phone. 
    4:use for iPhone can be directly remote controlled by the camera shutter. 
    5: For the Android phones, please download camera360 software, open camera360 software, click the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the phone, Advanced Settings, and then the camera settings, set the volume button options to take photos.

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